What Happens To Our Body When We Lose Weight?


If you are on a special diet regimen, your final goal is to get the perfect body in a natural way, and not getting too skinny and sick. You may find this difficult to do, but a balanced and proper diet will help you get the body line you’ve always wanted.what-happens-to-our-body-when-we-lose-weight

How does your body comprehend the special diet regimens?

Temporary Situation

If your goal is to lose few extra pounds, then you most likely have extra fat on the most critical parts of your body, such as your stomach and your thighs.

During The Diet

If you have chosen a diet regimen that you find effective and acceptable, then you must remember the fact that every diet regimen has its own rules that you must follow if you want to get great results.

There are manytheories about weight loss on the internet, and one of them says that if you need to lose some weight you shouldn’t consume certain foods, such as carbohydrates. What we are going to explain to you is that by doing so you will eliminate large amount of water from your body and lose lots of muscle mass.

If you take for example this kind of ‘starving’, it will surely help you cut off few pounds (as shown on the scale), but the main problem will not disappear – you will still be stuck with all the fat deposits.

After The Diet

Immediately after you finish with the special diet regimen, all you are left is weak and smaller muscles, which at this point are not burning calories. This stimulates your body to deposit even more fat.

At the same time as your body stops eliminating the same amount of water as it did before, the yo-yo effect takes action. Anyone who has followed a special diet regimen can easily confirm this, as each of them has already been in that condition.

You should always remember that certain diet regimens can sometimes do more harm than good to your overall health and body. And it is not always about the physical appearance – some strict diet regimens are often followed by some psychological states such as fear of future failure, giving up on the idea to lose weight, disappointmentand others.

If your goals are vitality, energy boostand long lasting results, you better forget about the known and ‘popular’ diet regimens and start improving your diet, making sure that it is balanced and rich in the nutrients your body needs.

Source : www.healthyfoodstar.com