WARNING: You Need To Stay Away From This Oil! It Releases Dangerous Chemicals!


New research has found that coconut oil, olive oil and butter are much healthier for cooking as opposed to refined vegetable oils.

The thing is vegetable oils releases harmful chemicals that can trigger the onset of cancer and other life-threatening conditions in the long run. According to the team of researchers, some of the most dangerous substances include aldehydes, chemicals linked to cancer, dementia, and heart issues.

Professor Martin Drootveld claims that the amount of toxic aldehydes in fish & chips fried in vegetable oil is 200 times higher than the allowed limit. On the other hand, butter, olive oil, and even lard were found to release far less aldehydes compared to vegetable oils.

Coconut oil was found to be the healthiest for cooking at high temperatures as it releases the lowest amount of harmful chemicals.

Dr. Stein from Oxford University claims that sunflower oils may even trigger changes in the human brain. He even claimed that according to the NHS, vegetable oils were the best cooking choice and that butter and lard should be avoided for that purpose.

But, many other health experts including professor Grootveld from De Montfort University in Leicester don’t agree with this statement. According to professor Grootveld, vegetable oils are a health hazard as opposed to butter, which is much healthier choice for cooking.

He also added that vegetable oils are highly refined meaning they are subject to complex chemical processes, which also result in accumulation of numerous harmful chemicals.

This is the main reason why fried food is harmful for consumption.

To preserve your health and protect yourself from serious health issues, it’s best to cut out processed and fried food from your menu.

Plus, you should also read labels as the manufacturers are obliged to state all the ingredients in their products.

Last, but not least, aim at boiling or baking fresh food, as these methods of cooking are much healthier than frying.

Via healthylifebase.com