Vacuum in The Belly - Get a Thinner Waist and Flat Stomach With This Simple Exercise


This technique is commonly used in yoga and is very effective. It will help trim your waist line and strengthen your abdominal muscles in 3-4 weeks. And the more you do it, the better results it will give.

Vacuum in The Belly – Get a Thinner Waist and Flat Stomach With This Simple Exercise

You will need to do at least 5 repetitions. At first,it might seem a little difficult, but after a while, it will get easier and your muscles will tone.

These are the steps you need to take:

1. Start with lying down on your back and keepingyour arms along the body, your bent knees should be on the floor, and the muscles should be relaxed.

Releasing air from the lungs, slowly exhale, and do that without straining the muscles.

2. Start to strain the muscles of the stomach by freeing air from the lungs, trying to suck in as much as possible. Do not breathe during it.

Fix the lower part of the abdomen for 10-15 seconds, then, continuing to pull in the stomach,take a small breath.

3. Breathe a little, do not rush to relax your stomach -hold your breath and strain the muscles of the stomach for another 10-15 seconds, then again, maintaining the muscle tension andinhale. If you find it difficult, take a short breath.

4. Exhale, relax your stomach, do some free-breath exhalation, then re-release air from the lungs, and pull your stomach in as much as you can.

Stretch the muscles of the stomach, and then without inhalation free the stomach upward.

After about 3 weeks this exercise will lead to a reduction in abdomen looks and waist size and strengthen your abdominal muscles, which will become straight, as well as the whole figure.