Top 10 Remedies to Remove Stretch Marks


Have you ever seen someone or experienced yourself when carrying a leather bag that is full and starts to stretch until it reaches its elasticity limit?That is the time when you see those wrinkle type marks on your old leather bag. But it is simple with the bag, you just discard it and buy a new one. But your skin is a totally different story, you cannot discard it. Your skin is composed of elastin which can be imagined as a soft elastic tissue. It is stretchable, supple and soft, but it too has its own limits. Some situations exert extra pressure on your skin such as rapid growth of your body during teenage, sudden weight or gainloss and pregnancy. Sometimes while exercising, you can stretch your body out of its limits. When you do that you will get those thick purple or red lines on your skin which is widely known as stretch marks. Gradually these lines become white or silvery white in color and fade away but they won’t go away on their own. You have to put efforts to remove these stretch marks. Here are 10 home remedies that will help you remove those stretch marks.Top 10 Remedies to Remove Stretch Marks

Natural Remedies to Remove Stretch Marks

1. Lemon Juice to Remove Stretch Marks

Lemons have been know as fine natural bleaching agents beyond doubt. The vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) in lemons can efficiently make your stretch marks disappear fast and remove the dead skin.

• 1 lemon
• Warm water- to wash off

• Cut the lemon in half.
• Gently rub your stretch marks with a half piece of lemon.
• You will feel it’s juice soaking into your skin.
• Do this for at least 10 minutes.
• Then wash it off with warm water.

You can mix lemon juice with other ingredients in equal quantities (for example 1tbsp lemon juice with 1 tbsp other juice), to make it a superfast remedy for stretch marks:
• Lemon juice with tomato juice.

• Lemon juice with potato juice
• Lemon juice with cucumber juice

2. Drink Water for Hydrated Skin to Aid Removal of Stretch Marks

If your skin is not always full of suppleness and hydrated there is no remedy that will work more effectively. Drink enough water meaning 8-10 glasses a day! Not only hydrated skin restores its elasticity but it also detoxifies your body.

3. Apricot Mask to Remove Stretch Marks

Apricot scrub is used by many people for rapid removal of stretch marks from their skin. However, wewill give you the recipe of a mask made from apricot that you have to apply on your stretch marks every day for at least a month or more.

• 2 or 3 apricots
• Enough lukewarm waterto wash off your skin having marks.

• Cut open the apricots and remove their seeds.
• Crush the fruits to get their paste.
• Apply this apricot paste gently on your stretch marks.
• Leave it to work for about 15-20 minutes.
• Then wash it off with warm water.
• Repeat daily (you can do it twice a day) for a month.