This 2-Ingredient Natural Mixture is More Efficient in Removing Grease, Dirt and Grime from Your Oven Than Chemical-Laden Degreasers


Many will agree that the oven is the hardest kitchen appliance to clean. Apart from being time-consuming, an effective clean-up asks for harsh cleaning products full of toxic chemicals. These will make your oven look like new, but you’ll never be certain that you’ve thoroughly cleaned the toxic substances. If you want to go all-natural and do your best to protect your and your family’s health, this 2-ingredient natural mixture is the perfect method for a clean oven.

There are two steps to this method – one is cleaning the inside of the oven, while the other one is cleaning the window.


  • baking soda,
  • water,
  • a spray bottle,
  • a small bowl,
  • vinegar, and
  • a cloth.


The inside of the oven

  1. You start with removing the oven’s racks.
  2. In a small bowl mix 2-3 tbsps. baking soda and some water. You should get a paste that will easily spread on the surfaces that need cleaning.
  3. The next thing you do is spread the whole paste on the inside of the oven. After some time the baking soda will turn brown.
  4. Ideally, leave the mixture to act overnight. The longer it stays on the surface, the more effective baking soda is.
  5. In the morning, remove the baking soda using a damp cloth.
  6. Next, spray some vinegar (that you’ve put in a spray bottle) on the baking soda residues and wipe with the damp cloth again.
  7. Get the racks back in place.
  8. Turn on the oven on low for at least 15 minutes to thoroughly dry it.

The window of the oven

  1. Make the same paste-like mixture using baking soda and some water.
  2. Spread it on the oven window.
  3. Leave it to act for about 30 minutes.
  4. Remove it with a damp cloth.

You will be amazed at the results! The best natural oven-cleaning method ever!

Source: Family Life Goals