These Foods Are In Your Way To A Slim Waist!


All these foods are well known to us, and make sure to find their alternative!

Summer is getting closer and the excess weight these days will become our real problem. Each sweet snack, will definitely give us a headache, and here are which foods you need to avoid on the long term if you want to have a slim waist.

These Foods Are In Your Way To A Slim Waist!

Potato Chips

One small bag of potato chips contains 125 calories and 10 grams of fat (three grams of saturated fat). If you eat, for example, only three bags of chips per week, for a year you will only enter 23,400 calories. Health Food Stores are now at every step, instead of potato chips take popcorn or some variant with rice.

Whipped cream from a bottle

Creamy as they are, they generally contain corn syrup or hydrogenated vegetable oil - things that are not desirable in the arteries. One tablespoon of cream contains 32 calories, but no one can stop on only one. Instead of cream, use fruit yogurt or vanilla yogurt - delicious alike, and less harmful.


White sugar, white flour, margarine and all oil prepared foods. The average donut contains 200 calories and 12 grams of fat. Instead of donuts, eat sweets of whole grain flour.


Almost everyone loves pasta with butter, parmesan cheese and a variety of tasty sauces. What most do not know is that one serving contains, on average, 543 calories and 33 grams of fat. Instead of the regular pasta, using integrated, and as far as the sauce, be careful not to include cheese nor meat.


Whether you eat them for breakfast or as an addition to the beer, they are equally undesirable in your body. An average pork sausage contains 217 calories and 20 grams of fat. If you really love sausages, find lower calorie replacement such as chicken sausage or vegetarian sausage variant with soy.

Fried chicken

If the chicken is fried in oil, the white meat, although dietary, will have 400 calories and about 22 grams of fat. Replace the grill pan, cooking or baking in the oven and you will get a healthier meal.

French Fries

A big portion of chips, which is usually obtained in restaurants, contains approximately 570 calories. If you take a hamburger with French fries, add to that another 670 calories.

Fresh white bread

A piece of white bread contains 65 calories. No great nutritional value, it does not contain enough vitamins and minerals, which for example can be found in bread from whole grain flour, and therefore get a sense of false satiety.