The Perfect Exercise For Poor Body Posture


As much as it’s unappealing, poor body posture is also quite unhealthy because it can literally starts to wear you down over time.

After all, your parents’ advice to sit upright was not bad at all!

At present, poor posture is increasingly becoming an issue. There are numerous factors contributing to this condition such as too much desk sitting, excess weight, excess texting, and stress. In time, all of these weaken your back muscles.

The Perfect Exercise For Poor Body Posture

So what can you do to prevent it?

1. Lie down on your stomach facing the floor.

2. SLOWLY lift the front of your body with your head up. Lift as high as you feel comfortable; do not overstrain yourself.

3. Keep your arms aside and your hands on your hips. This exercise is extremely efficient in activing many tense back and leg muscles.

4. Do this for ten minutes. When you first start, ten repetitions is enough.

6. Do the exercise every day and keep adding repetitions.

You’ll soon be able to notice that your back has not only strengthened but straightened as well.