The Most Powerful Drink for a Flat Belly in Just 7 Days


Having a well-shaped body is quite an effort. It normally asks for hours spent at the gym as well as giving up on foods you love.

But, busy schedules we live by day by day often leave us with no time for a balanced diet or our regular workout session. And there it goes, your belly bulges again undermining hour of strenuous exercises and tons of food you’ve had to cut out from your diet.

However, having the right ingredients at the right time of day can sometimes be more efficient than starving for days or sweating at the gym.

This health-boosting drink made of natural ingredients only can burn your excess belly fat in only 7 days.

Surprisingly, the key ingredient is the banana. This tropical fruit is not only amazing for body detox, but when combined with flax seed, it can also flatten your belly.


– 1 banana

– 1 orange

– ½ cup low-fat yoghurt

– 1 tsp. coconut oil

– a pinch of ginger

– 2 tbsps.flax seed

– 2 tsps. whey protein powder


Mix all the ingredients until well-blended and drink freshly made before meals.