She Lost 15 Pounds An Transformed Her Body! This Is How!


This is Ruth’s honest review of the Venus Factor, a product that had her losing fat like crazy. She had purchased this program, and went through the 12-week diet and exercise system, and can give a first-hand account of what the Venus Factor system is all about.  Just to give the viewers a little bit of a backup story, Ruth is a mother of two children, and ran into difficulties reducing her weight gain from her second child. She had an extra 10-15 pounds, which she just couldn’t lose. She tried a lot of fad diets, and different types of exercises, however nothing was really working.

Ruth heard about the Venus Factor system, looked into it a little bit – she was skeptical. There are a lot of different reviews flying around the Internet – from people who maybe didn’t use this system themselves. But she thought she’d give it a shot – so she got it, used it and stuck to the end of the 12 week system. Ruth found herself losing significant weight, which were some really fantastic results. So, she is here to share her findings with you.

Here is a short list of some features Ruth really loves about the Venus Factor system.

1. It’s flexible

She tried a lot of diets where some fundamental food groups were virtually eliminated. So, you end up being either carb-deprived, or sugar-deprived, or you find yourself going up and down on a “roller coaster” of weight loss and weight gain. With the Venus Diet, there’s flexibility in terms of your diet – you can still enjoy the foods you are having now. This is so rare to find in a diet. The good thing that comes out of that is it’s sustainable. This is something that’s very practical.

2. The support system

There is such a community of women that are also doing the Venus Factor, and you really feel that support and encouragement around you while you are doing the program.

3. It’s a complete program. 

Not only do you have the diet and the exercise program, they also offer you tools that are really helpful, and they make it easy for you to follow.

4. They teach you that it’s a lifestyle mindset.

It’s no longer a diet where once you’ve completed your 12 weeks, you’re done. They really walk you through on how this becomes practically a part of your life, so that you’re able to sustain the weight loss that you’ve experienced. You can take the tools and everything that you’ve learned for the beginning of a healthy lifestyle, and continue it on past the initial 12 weeks.

She would encourage you to do the Venus Factor program. It’s worth the time, to sit and sift through all the materials they provide you. You are going to see fantastic results. Here is her video review below:

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