See How To Get Rid Of Sore Throat and Tonsillitis In Just 4 Hours!


Tonsillitis is a contagious infection with symptoms like sore throat, fever, pain when swallowing, headache, runny nose, hoarseness, and ear pain. It’s usually caused by a viral infection or, less commonly, a bacterial infection.

Although health experts normally recommend tonsil removal as the best treatment, this is not always true. Natural medicine offers a number of home remedies that can be extremely beneficial for successful treatment of tonsillitis.

Aside from various natural treatments used for curing tonsillitis, here we offer the best and most effective one.

Sore throat and tonsillitis have been successfully treated with cumin seeds since ancient times. This folk remedy is extremely efficient in healing this painful issue, and all you need is 4 hours to get your tonsils back in track. No need for medications, because your therapy is on your kitchen shelves.

This recipe has long been used by our ancestors and has been passed from generation to generation.

In case you are suffering from a sore throat or tonsillitis, this amazing remedy will quickly do wonders for your condition.


  • 1 whiskey or cognac
  • 80gr cumin or black seeds
  • 250ml filtered water


  1. Put the cumin seeds in 200ml water and boil everything for about 15
  2. When you get a black and thick texture, strain and put everything to a boil again.
  3. Finally, add the cognac or whiskey.
  4. Take 1 t of this remedy every 30 minutes. You’ll feel better within 2 hours.
  5. The symptoms will disappear completely within 4 hours.

Source: My Healthy Advices