Revitalize Your Bones With This Effective Recipe!


This is an old folk remedy that is extremely beneficial for bone health. Even our grandmothers were familiar with its efficacy. Apart from successfully improving your bone health, it’s only made of 3 ingredients.

This recipe can be applied in treatment of different leg problems including heaviness in your feet, joint and back pain as well as discomforts from older injuries. You no longer need to waste money on expensive medications, gels and magnets, because these 3 ingredients is all you need. 


  • 300ml 70% alcohol
  • 100ml iodine
  • 10 aspirin pills – 300mg

All of the ingredients are easily available at your local drugstore. For one thing, iodine is a powerful germicide used against a wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungus, protozoans or spores.


  1. Crush the aspirin pills.
  2. Mix the alcohol and the iodine together, and add the crushed aspirin pills.
  3. Leave it in a dark cold place for 3 weeks.
  4. Massage the painful areas with it or apply it as a compress.

Source: Healthy Tips World