Remove All The Fat From Your Body With Only 2 Ingredients!


Many modern illnesses including diabetes, hypertension, and cancer are the result of unhealthy eating habits and toxin accumulation in the body.

This is one of the most beneficial recipes for cleansing your blood of toxins and eliminating unhealthy fats from your body. Nutritionists strongly recommend that the best time for taking the fat-burning drink is after a heavy meal or when following a diet. Best of all, the recipe uses only two common ingredients you probably already have in your fridge.

  • 1kg lemon
  • 400gr celery
  • 2l water

What you do:

Start by grating the celery root then add it to 2l water. Add some lemon peel too. Bring to a boil and cook for 20 minutes then leave the mixture to cool for 5-6 hours. Squeeze the lemons then add the juice into the mixture. Strain in the end and store in a glass bottle.

How you use it:

For optimal results drink 100ml of the mixture before meals. If you find the taste too strong, add some water to dilute it. Keep refrigerated.