7 Reasons Why The Day Should Start With A Glass Of Lemon Water !


Morning lemonade not only boosts immunity but also helps in hydration and alkalization. Also has a great effect on the digestive tract. Try it,every morning start your day with a glass of lukewarm water which should contain the juice of half a lemon.Lemon Water

1.Supports the immune system

Lemons are rich with antioxidants and vitamin C is one of the main substances that are good for your health and organism. Lemon will save you from a respiratory infection and soothes inflamed processes. Our mothers and grandmothers knew that the tea and lemon are great remedy for flu.

The glass with lukewarm water with a lemon can reduce the possibility of inflammation because it enhances the organism.

 2. Alkalizes the body

Although because of the sour taste you are thinking that the lemon is a sour citrus fruit, it is actually one of the products that helps the most in the process of body alkalization.

This yellow fruit contains ascorbic and citric acid that metabolizes easily, and allows the mineral ingredients from the lemon to alkalize the body.

 3. Helps in the digestion of food