You Should NOT Do This Before Sex – You’ll Put Your Health At Risk!


Although many of you have probably heard this, it’s most likely you’ve taken this advice for granted.

Up until recently it was believed that emptying your bladder before sexual intercourse significantly reduces the risk of urinary infections in women. But, latest finding reveal that it’s actually quite the opposite.

According to David Kaufman, a urologist, urinating before sex is one of the biggest mistakes women can do. He claims that doing number one immediately before sex is a big NO-NO for women because bacteria from the vagina can easily go into the urethra during sex. Urinating is actually advised immediately after sex in order to prevent infection.

How to prevent infection?

Using a diaphragm as a means of contraception seriously increases the risk of infection because it pushes the bladder thus preventing it from being completely emptied. If you need to use contraception, other methods can be more beneficial.

Also, lubricant commonly found in condoms can trigger irritation, which in turn leads to infections. That’s why lubricant-free condoms are far more recommended.

Additional tips:

  • Avoid dehydration and support proper bacteria elimination via the urinary tract by drinking lots of water.
  • Don’t retain urine and go to the toilet when you feel the urge to urinate.
  • Wash your genital area backwards.
  • Maintain proper intimate hygiene on a regular daily basis; also before and after sex.
  • Urinate after sex.