New Revolutionizing Treadmill Workout: Lose Weight In No Time!


One of the most common workout routines is dedicated to the treadmill. Unfortunately, most people absolutely hate it and admit it…would you even use a treadmill if you couldn’t listen to music or watch a TV? It’s because using the treadmill is tedious and boring because you usually just run or walk on it. However, if you switch it up, you can pay a little bit more attention to your workout and find better results faster.

So, get excited and try these different methods to change it up on the treadmill.


Depending on your strength and balance, you can do this exercise on the treadmill with or without weights. It is suggested to start with 5 pound weights and gradually work your way up to 10 pounds.

Secure the weights at the side of the treadmill screen display until you can get onto the treadmill and start it to a very slow walking pace. When you’ve gotten into a good gait, use the weights, if you are comfortable using them, and then let your position drift toward the back of the treadmill so you are able to take a big step forward and lunge. Switch legs and continue to repeat. If you’re not using the hand weights, place your hands on your hips to help with balance. Note that this exercise is great for back support, lengthening, core strength, and cardio health.

2.Backward Incline

On the treadmill, set it to the highest incline position on a slow walking pace. Use support bars on the treadmill to help you to turn around and start walking uphill backwards. This is a great exercise for the thighs, calves, and buttocks. To increase difficulty, use hand weights and do bicep curls while walking backwards.

3.The Shuffle

While on the treadmill, put your setting on a slow jog pace. Turn your body sideways and start to do a shuffling sideways run. Make sure the incline has been brought back down. To do this exercise, start with a lead food and then bring the back foot to be beside the lead food. Continue to step sideways with the lead foot and keep repeating. After about 5 minutes of going one direction, turn around and face the other way, using the other foot as the lead foot as you shuffle. Your thighs and buttocks will start to feel the burn. Flex the muscles of your stomach and keep a strong core posture.

4.Butt Kicks

To do this treadmill workout, work up to a medium jogging pace that you can maintain. With every step, take your heels all the way up to the rear. This will engage the core system as well as your glute, hamstring, and other leg muscles. It’s also a great continued cardio.

If you want to increase the activity, incorporate your arms and do the moving plank for an added variety on the treadmill. Set it to the lowest speed possible. Get in plank position on the back portion of the treadmill. Anchor yourself with your hands on the non-moving planks at the side of the treadmill. Get comfortable and use your hands to walk on the moving treadmill belt. This is a really difficult exercise and it might be best to have a spotter so you don’t face-plant on the treadmill. A spotter can also keep your back in a flat plank position. If you start to get tired, move your hands back to panels on the side to rest.

Remember to continue to stay hydrated during your treadmill variety workout. Consume water or natural infused flavored water!

Thanks: Family Health Freedom Network