New Evidence! Obesity Is Caused By A Virus!


US scientists claim that obesity may be contagious and can be transmitted through sneezing, coughing and dirty hands.

During their research, the scientists have found out that obesity can be caused by a virus which attacks the tissue and then proliferates. The virus first attacks the lungs and then the other organs as the kidneys, brain and the liver. When the tissue is attacked it starts multiplying and new cells are created.

Numerous tests were done on chickens and mice which confirmed that these animals transmitted the virus known as AD- 36 (Adenovirus serotype 36).  This virus causes excessive weight gain regardless of the type and amount of food we consume. In 2006 Richard Atkinson (University of Wisconsin) conveyed a study on over 2000 people from Australia. He ran some blood tests which showed that more than 20% of the participants had Ad-36 viral infection.

Professor from Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana, Nikhil Dhurandhar due to the results of the study, confirmed that even 1/3 of the adults are carriers of Ad-36 virus. Also, another study conveyed on obese Americans showed that 70% of people are not immune to this virus.

Dhurandhar also stated that the contagious people can transmit the disease up to 3 months so the obesity can be caused by other reasons as well and this also excludes the possibility that they always carry this virus.

These days, scientists are trying hard to find the suitable treatment or vaccine against this virus. People should pay more attention to food they consume, it should be organic and without artificial sweeteners. To increase the oxygen level in the body physical activity is recommended.