FINALLY! A Tested Recipe For Removal of Corns and Calluses!


Corns(clavus) is a thickening of the skin that usually occurs on the foot, in the area of small and ring fingers. It has a hard center that is reminiscent of the woof around hence the name corn.

The zone of the feet where there is corn is painful to pressure, so discomfort occurs when wearing shoes because there is contact and friction which causes pain. It can also occur on the heel and sole of the other fingers.FINALLY!  A Tested Recipe For Removal of Corns and Calluses!

Recipe for removal of corns and calluses

Believe it or not, everything you need for this recipe is houseleeks and a band aid.

It is usually found on rocks, walls or as a home-grown, often in pots on the roof of the house.


Take one slip of houseleek and remove his thin skin that surrounds it with one hand. Then put the slip on the corn with the side that has no skin on it. Put a bandage over the houseleek and leave the whole day but in the evening replace with a new leaf and band aid. Be sure to wear the patch at night because then it has the largest effect.

In a few days, usually 3-4 corns should disappear along with their roots, a place where he was filled by healthy tissue. This is an old and tested recipe that actually produces results in a short time.

If you have experience with this method of removing corns and calluses, feel free to leave comments below.