A woman (31), for whom doctors predicted she would live not more than five years, claims to have cured an aggressive type of cancer by eating fruit.

Examinations Confirmed, Doctors Couldnt Believe Woman Cured Cancer In The Fourth Stage Eating Fruits And...

Candice-Marie Fox bypassed the treatment of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer and instead opted for the “overhaul” of life and eating habits and left their “toxic” husband.

Doctors were amazed when they saw the examinations and determined that Candice has won the tumor, which has completely retreated.

- Instead of living for entertainment, weekends, and do the same things every day, I totally changed the way i look at my life. I decided to live for myself and enjoy life as it is. It worked - said the English woman from Hertfordshire.

She refused chemotherapy

The tumor was diagnosed three years ago, after which she had to go under the knife. When the disease began to progress, she refused to go to chemotherapy.

- Instead I took care of the diet, and I ate daily pineapple, grapefruit, lemons, apples, kiwi and bananas - she said, British media writes.

She also got rid of the “toxins” such as alcohol, cigarettes and meat. Just six months later, the disease retreated.

Without the support of her husband

- I didn’t have the support of my husband and that was the reason I had to part with him - explained Candice-Marie, adding that she only acquired some bad and unhealthy habits from him.

Today, after having gone through her own therapy, she is completely healthy and happy to be given a chance for a new life.