Cucumber Water For Healthy and Optimal Weight Loss


Cucumber slices added in fresh water make a nutritious cooling beverage which has turned out to be quite successful in fighting excessive weight.

Adequate amount of liquids, particularly water, is essential for overall wellbeing. But to tell the truth, plain water can often taste bland, so in order to avoid this dull taste, you often crave for something flavourful.

Cucumber water is an excellent substitution, healthy and aromatic, for everything you drink throughout the day. Plus, it’s highly beneficial for weight loss.

If you are headed for losing weight, the most efficient way is to cut down on calorie intake and consume large amounts of cucumber water instead of your favorite soft drinks. Water contains zero calories, whereas one cucumber less than 50, which implies that cucumber slices in a glass of fresh water is less calories than a glass of sparkling water (150cal) or a glass of apple juice (115cal).

You will also balance your appetite by consuming this self-made beverage. When you’re dehydrated, i.e. thirsty, you crave for food too. Cucumber water not only hydrates your body, but also keeps you satiated between meals. That’s why this refreshing drink is so beneficial for weight loss.

In addition to all the benefits of cucumber water mentioned above, it also has a great effect on skin hydration and skin tone as cucumbers contain large amounts of silica, i.e. silicon dioxide, used in acne treatment.

Cucumber water is also abundant in antioxidants and vitamins, most of all A and D.

Cucumber water recipe:

  • 1 fresh cucumber
  • 2 liters of spring water
  • 1 large pitcher

Carefully wash one fresh cucumber so that you clean any dirt or bacteria. Slice the cucumber with or without its peel. Put the slices in a pitcher full of fresh water. Let them stay overnight or at least for a couple of hours. You can savor your beverage with mint leaves, lemons or a few strawberries.