Almonds: To Soak Or Not To Soak? Which Is Better?


If we listen to the “almond fanatics” across the globe almonds are best eaten soaked, if possible overnight. They are healthier and easier to consume after the skin becomes pliable and can easily slip off the nut. The almond inside becomes soft, chewy and simply delicious. So, is soaking almonds a better way to consume them? Does it make a difference regarding their nutritional value?almonds-to-soak-or-not-to-soak-which-is-better

To Soak Or Not To Soak – Let’s Find Out!

According to Ayurveda and many other ancient traditions food is essential in the healing process but how you prepare something is equally important as what you prepare. Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine recommend soaking almonds overnight and consuming them the next morning. You can ground them and prepare them with fresh milk, saffron strands, cardamom, and sugar into a nutritious almond milk – the perfect breakfast in a glass.

Almonds are abundant in nutrient like fiber, proteins, vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, zinc and phosphorus. Soaking almonds allows us to take full advantage of all of these nutrients much better than eating them raw. Why? We have to go back to the biophysics of digestion to answer this.

There’s an enzyme inhibitor in the skin of dry almonds which actually protects the nut before germination. The inhibitor, known as tannin, obstructs nutrient absorption too. When you soak the almonds their brown, almost bitter skin comes off. This allows the release of nutrients and also makes the process of eating the nut much easier on the stomach. Soaking the almonds makes it easier for our stomach enzymes to process them and allows maximum absorption of the nutrients.  According to Ayurvedic practitioners if you eat soaked almonds in the morning on an empty stomach can help regulate the hydrochloric acid your stomach releases. Additionally, it will balance out your acidity levels, boost the digestive process for the rest of the day and protect you from heartburn and other gastric problems.

We’re not saying that raw almonds are bad for you but it’s much more beneficial and nutritious for you to eat them after they’ve been soaked overnight. You’ll maximize the nutrients absorption and take full use of all they have to offer. So start soaking your almonds and consume them first thing in the morning with their skin peeled off. How you prepare them afterwards is completely up to you!