Add Cloves In Lemons And Limes To Keep Bees, Mosquitos, Wasps And Flies Away


You might be in love with the snow or the colorful leaves, but you surely enjoy the spring and summer as well!

When it’s warmer outside, we all love to go out and relax in nature. The sun is shining, birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and bugs are annoying us!

Yup, the company of insects is the only drawback of the spring and summer!

Yet, keeping them away is not easy. Plus, commercial insect repellents are full of dangerous chemicals, such as N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, N-diethyl-3-methyl-benzamide, 2-hydroxyethyl, and 1-methyl propyl.

Most of these products contain DEET, which has been proven to be toxic to the central nervous system. Also, studies have shown that mice frequently exposed to it develop behavioral changes.

This chemical can cause the death of neurons in some brain parts and thus cause memory, learning, and muscle movement problems. Therefore, it is always better to choose a natural alternative.

Cloves are powerful fly repellents, as flies detest their scent. Most insects don’t like herbs with a strong aroma, so it would be useful to keep a pot of mint close to the doorway as well!

Cloves essential oil effectively keeps mosquitoes at bay too. You can mix it with olive oil, rubbing alcohol, or water, in a 1:10 ratio, and make your homemade clove- based fly repellent lotion. Spray it on all exposed parts of the body, but avoid the eyes and mouth.

Lemon is another repellent of flies. For the best effects, you can combine it with cloves.

Here is how you can enjoy a bug-free day out in nature:

Cut two lemons or limes into halves, and then poke 6 – 12 cloves into each half.

Place the fruits on a plate in the middle of your picnic table.

In this way, insects will no longer spoil your days!

Furthermore, vitamin B1 is a powerful weapon against mosquitoes as it masks the natural odor of the body that attracts them. Therefore, it is recommended to take a 300mg dose of spirulina daily, as it is the best source of Vitamin B1.

Now, just enjoy the summer!