A Boiled Egg Remedy for High Blood Sugar


This recipe has been transferred for generations.

A Remedy from Boiled Egg against High Blood Sugar

Effectively reduces blood sugar very quickly. It requires attendance, and commitment. During the period of treatment you should remove the source that contributed to the increase in blood sugar, especially to keep an eye on food.

The recipe is simple and easy and it requires only malic acid and a boiled egg every day. In addition to speed up the healing, you can make a healing water to drink during the day. In 1.5 liter of water put a tablespoon of Ceylon cinnamon and Muscat walnut, maybe an apple chopped into pieces. Let the water stand overnight and drink it in the next day.

Recipe for reducing high blood sugar

Boil an egg in the evening. Peel it and make a few holes in it with a fork. Place the egg in a bowl and pour it with malic acid. Leave it overnight.

When you get in the morning, before anything, pour the apple acid away and eat the egg.

When you eat the egg, you must drink a glass of lukewarm water in which you dissolve a tablespoon of the malic acid.