7 Drinks to Shrink your Belly Fast


The key to a faster and healthier weight loss is by combining exercises with healthy food. But exercise and diet are not the only way to lose body weight. In this article we will present few drinks that will speed up the process of losing weight and burning calories.7-Drinks-to-shrink-your-belly-fast

Here are the top 7 drinks that will help you lose weight:

Ice cold water

By drinking it you will eliminate more calories because ice cold water speeds up the metabolic process. To see the results try to drink at least 16 ounces on a daily base.

Black and Green Tea

Green tea is very helpful for those people trying to lose weight. It allows your body to burn more calories by speeding up the metabolic process. Green tea burns 43% more calories than any other drink. The same goes to black tea. If your goal is to be slimmer than this tea is ideal for you.

Vegetable Juice

Vegetables are very healthy, and are used in every diet. But what you really need to try is the vegetable juice. This kind of juice will make you feel excellent after drinking a glass of it and it is very healthy. This drink is very efficient in burning calories.

Watermelon Smoothie

As long as you do not add sugary mixers any smoothie is good for you. Watermelon smoothie isthe best smoothie for staying hydrated. This smoothie contains low calories and a lot of water. Also it contains arginine, which is an amino acid that increases the lean muscle mass and in the meantime decreases the body fat.

Coconut water

Coconut water is packed with electrolytes. It is richer with electrolytes than any other drink in this list. The more it hydrates you, the more electrolytes are present. You will enjoy this drink without adding artificial flavors or sugar. This drink speeds up the metabolism and also gives you energy.

Nutritional Drinks

These kind of drinks have positive effect on people and are very healthy. But that’s not all, apparently you can lose weight by consuming these nutritional drinks, because they make you feel full for a long time, after consuming only one glass. However you must consult your doctor before consuming this kind of beverages for verification if the product you have chosen is good for you or not.

Skim Milk

Skim milk can easily breakthe fats in your body. By drinking skim milk, you will not only be breaking down fats, but also you don’t have to worry about them coming back over some time. According to nutritionists those who do not consume dairy products can lose 70% more fat than those who consume. You will see the results after drinking one glass of skim milk a day.

All of these drinks have low calorie content, but will satisfy you enough that you won’t be thinking about sweets or snacks. Consume these beverages and start feeling better today.

Source: www.stethnews.com